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We Turn To Tarot! With Sasha Graham

We are all about using every tool out there to build our strongest selves and most loving relationships. So in this magical time of year, when the air and atmosphere are changing once again and we get ready to nestle a bit closer to the earth for the winter, how can we use the ancient practice of tarot to gain insight into our ever-changing inner selves? How can the cards offer guidance, wisdom, comfort, and challenge? What about the practice does pop culture misrepresent, and what about the tarot have to offer even the greatest of unbelievers?

On today’s show, tarot reader and author Sasha Graham shares how her experience with tarot has helped her to nurture and guide clients from all walks of life. How the lessons on the cards can inspire everyday moments, including the meals we make (like matching the Nine of Pentacles with a…

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