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Tarot of the Haunted House: A Video Guidebook of Deck by Sasha Graham ~ The Major Arcana Explained!

Ever since Tarot of the Haunted House hit the market in 2018, readers have been asking if I could create a comprehensive guidebook for it. The Tarot of the Haunted House currently only includes a little white book. A thick companion book isn't in the cards at the moment but fear not! I've created a video guide for users of the deck just in time for spooky season (which for tarot readers is every day of the year).

Here you'll find Part 2: The Major Arcana!

The YouTube videos are broken into various segments to make them easily digestible.

Part 1: Basic Introduction of how and why the Tarot of the Haunted House was created. Why I never wanted to make tarot decks and why now I just can't stop! It explains the Fool's journey via our protagonist Raven Wandsworth and why she's knocking around a haunted house under the blanket of eternal night.

Part 2: Major Arcana

Part 3: Wands

Part 4: Swords

Part 5: Cups

Part 6: Pentacles

Be on the lookout for Part 3 dropping soon.

Interested in how to casting a tarot magic? Check out this blog post:


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