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Tarot Journeys with Kingston Tarot

Last night, I had the pleasure of talking with Marilyn Shannon, the Kingston Psychic's, Tarot Group. Marilyn is also the host of the Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference which is scheduled to happen in person this fall (fingers crossed).

It was a gorgeous evening. We began with a grounding meditation and opened with my tarot origin story. LOVE hearing about how people discovered or received their first deck of tarot cards. Like a love story, it is a moment few of us ever forget.

We spoke on a wide variety of topics from building our psychic and intuitive muscles to Shadow work and the Dark Wood Tarot, to international traveling. Please have a watch and check out Marilyn's group and conference if you are interested in attending weekly classes or a fall weekend of live master classes from Lori Lytle, Andrew McGregor, Liz Worth and Marilyn Shannon herself!


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