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Spicing Up Your Tarot Card a Day Practice with a “Choice Card”


What is a Tarot Card a Day?

A Card a Day Tarot is a standard and enjoyable practice for many cartomancers. A Card a Day is setting aside about five minutes each morning to quiet your mind and pull a random Tarot card. The information you gather from the card can be used for contemplation, a head’s up for the day’s energy, a possibility to reflect upon or anything you like.

I’ve been doing it every morning for more than ten years and always look forward to it. It’s usually performed after a flurry of morning activities when I reclaim space for myself.

Had a run of dark cards, recently. Tarotists usually recognize each card has light and dark, no card is “good” or “bad.”  But sometimes, you wake up, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the last thing you want is the Nine of Swords staring up at you (or crying onto her hands). Especially, if you are in a great mood. That’s when I came up with a “Choice Card.” The Choice Card has been officially ingrained and I love it!

What is Choice Card?

A Choice Card is a second card pulled after your Card of the Day.  The Choice Card reflects an option that will be available to you all day long.


Pulled a Card of the Day – The Five of Swords.  Reflecting on the card, it looks like negativity might be flying around. I may get sucked into it. Fives in Tarot always reflect challenge and the Five of Swords suggests watching your powerful words carefully.

Pulled a Choice Card – The Eight of Cups. I decide the available choice is ~ no matter what I do today, I can push myself further ~ denoted by the figure walking away and taking a “high road.” Today, opportunities for advancement are available. The solar eclipse on the top left of the card reminds me there’s a unique magic to this day.

Why is a Choice Card Awesome?

A Choice Card is a reminder that the future rests firmly in our hands. We are not slaves to fate, fortune and destiny. We create our life. We can choose love, peace, passion and pleasure.

A Choice Card is the ultimate daily reminder of your personal power!


Schedule of Sasha’s Upcoming Tarot Classes and Retreats:

Aum Shanti Tarot Masterclass and Panel with Rachel Pollack, Robert Place and Sasha Graham.

Omega Masters of Tarot Retreat with

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Sasha Graham is the guest speaker at the Northern NJ Tarot Meet Up at Soul Journey Bookshop.

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Sasha Graham Key Note Speaker. Friday, “Tarot and Your Shadow Self,” Saturday “Tarot, Romance and Your Highest Self.”

Lo Scarabeo is celebrating its 30th anniversary and I’ll be on hand for a slew of exciting events and classes.

Cast your cards wisely! 🙂

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