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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva – Inception – What if Tarot is Dreaming Us?

Summer, among the sunblock, beach towels, grilled corn on the cob and frozen drinks also means summer blockbusters. Grabbing my hubby, we headed to the vintage, post art deco movie theater in the town where we take our summer residence. A ticket is just $8 and the charge for real butter on the popcorn? 25 cents!

Inception is awesome and not only because it is delicious to see Leonardo DiCaprio in his now “man sized” body or drool over Joseph Gordon-Levitt who now looks surprizingly like Heath Ledger or to imagine you look like Marion Catillard who is just sooo French and sooo beyond gorgeous you can’t even take it.

Inception ponders the nature of dreaming and reality. If you read Tarot, the issues of dreaming and reality are readily at the forefront of your mind.

That marvelous question – are we dreaming or is the dream dreaming us? The very same question may be asked of your Tarot cards . . . 

We turn to Tarot for insight, answers, meditation, guidance. Use Tarot as a device for personal empowerment, spirituality or simple heads up on future energy.

But what if . . . Tarot is dreaming us?

What if we are not the omniscient Tarot observer, what if, in fact, Tarot is watching us?  Reading us? How often do you pull a card and it’s the perfect reflection of you, your present state? A mirror to your situation.

Have you ever, randomly frozen yourself and placed imaginary borders around yourself and asked, “What Tarot card am I embodying right now?” If you haven’t, I urge you to do so. It’s lots of fun. Try it right now.

Switch your perspective. What does Tarot learn from you? Your actions, your emotions, your work, your love, you daily activity? What would you teach someone who is observing you the way you observe Tarot?

A bit spooky and super fun to mull over. The simple fact of the matter is that whether or not Tarot watches us, others do watch and learn. Especially if you have children . . .

That being said, why don’t you slip your Tarot card under your pillow tonight and ask it to enter your dreamstate. Ask The Moon card to merge you closer with your unconscious, request The Empress to inspire your dreams with creativity, ask The Lovers to invoke your dreamstate with a sauciness that will leave a grin on your face all morning long.

Sweet dreams 😀

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