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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Giving Back With Tarot

“Real generosity of the future lies in giving all to the present.”

Albert Camus

Will New Age Tarot Spirituality Translate to New York City’s Urban Youth?

I’m about to find out . . .

The Tarot community rallied with support, enthusiasm and curiosity when I posted my on Facebook that I was to teach a Tarot workshop for young people transitioning out of foster care. Many expressed interest in doing the same thing. Here’s a list of jumping off points if you’d like to do the same thing in your community:

Decide what you want to teach ~ You may be gifted in a number of areas; yoga, astrology, reiki, palmistry, art etc. What gift do you most want to share? Tarot was a no brainer for me.

Decide why you want to teach ~ Jot down a few reasons you want to teach. This will help inform the tone of your class. For me, I’ve always preferred teaching someone to read their own tarot cards rather than just reading cards for them. Tarot taught me to trust my inner voice, my intuition, gut and was my crash course to self esteem.

Decide what community you want to work with ~ Do you want to work with women, men, children, teens or adults? Do you want to empower victims of domestic violence? Young G and L community? Recovering addicts? Who do you have an internal resonance with? Who do you have a soft spot for? How do you think your gifts and tools can help them?

Google and seek out local youth development, education and family service agencies in your community or contact charities whose mission you support ~ Many shelters and community outreach have counselors who create programs for residents and clients. Phone and find out the name of the person in charge of programs and classes. Send an email outlining your intention, your class and follow up with a phone call.

Utilize Your Resources ~ Once you have booked your class or workshop, reach out for donateable resources. Ask friends, family, bookstores and publishing companies to donate the books, decks and resources you need for free. US Games and tons of my Facebook friends shared the love by sending my class brand new decks of Tarot cards. Thanks everyone!!!

Get Creative ~ Talk with the counselors, partner up with friends, think outside the box. Maybe not just a class – maybe you plan a spa night, perhaps you hold an auction or psychic fair – all proceeds going to your institution or charity. The sky is the limit in the way you can touch another’s life.

Stay Realistic – Many of the kids I’ll be working with harbor severe trust issues, are victims of abuse, and have been in and out of the foster care system most of their lives. I don’t expect a deck of Tarot cards will change their life overnight and I’m not a trained therapist. I will, however, introduce a powerful path of understanding and a road to self-knowledge if they choose to follow it. Oh yeah, and Tarot is crazy fun!

I’d want to shower each and every one of them in self-esteem, self-reliance and personal power. But they, like all of us, will have to find it ultimately on their own. Here’s to hoping Tarot helps them find it a little faster . . .

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