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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups might just be the quintessential Tarot card reader of the entire Tarot deck. She contains the utmost depth of feeling and empathy. As a Queen she is a ruler. Her realm, Cups, contains laughter, tears, joy, art, love, moods, sentiments, psychicness and emotion. When the Queen of Cups appears for you it means you are accessing deeper, more meaningful parts of yourself.

Last night I treated myself to a large Tarot spread. I say treat because I’ve been entertaining for weeks – also the reason for pause in my blogging. With the flurry of friends, family, food and fun, I had taken a Tarot break. Yesterday, my last guest hopped on a plane, albeit a delayed plane, back to the West Coast. I headed straight for the wispy sanctuary of my pale white and cream-colored bedroom and pulled out my Tarot deck.

I always write down a huge list of questions when reading for myself. I pull a Tarot card to answer each one. My questions go from the silly – does my high school hottie boyfriend still think about me, to the indulgent – what image should I keep in mind while fall fashion shopping, goth, bohemian or classic with a twist – to the serious, how can I be the best mother to my daughter?

My final question last night and the one I highly recommend you ask yourself was:

What lesson have I learned this summer?

The Queen of Cups flew out of the deck and into my hands.

This summer I’ve been given the greatest gift. The gift of space. I’ve had opportunity to write and wax philosophical in gentle morning sunlight. I’ve eaten lettuce out of my first veggie garden. I’ve worked hard on a delicious Tarot book. I’ve watched my daughter learned how to swim like a fish. Been comforted by having almost everyone I love sleep under the roof of this hundred-year-old house. Mastered the fine art of driving a car!

In taking time and having above all – space, I’ve felt an opening in myself. The Queen of Cups invites this expansiveness of feeling and creates something very real out of it. Going deeper gets complicated, it shakes you up a bit. But this is how you grow. And I want so much to evolve make the most out of this life!

So, as I savor these last precious weeks of August, I’m thankful. If any card in the deck can experience gratitude, it is the ever so empathetic Queen of Cups. I’m thankful for the space. Thankful I’ve grown the balls to really test myself. Thankful I’m being good to myself and good to others. The lesson learned this summer is that doing all these things it has lead to a little something called happiness.

I hope your summer has been an extraordinary one too.

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