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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Page of Swords Reversed

The Page of Swords (reversed)

I always call the Page of Swords the Nancy Drew of the Tarot deck. I harbor a deep fondness for this particular page. She is smart, clever, always thirsting for knowledge. She looks deeper, reads between the lines, she knows when others are being less than honest. She never questions her inner voice – always acts on her instincts. Clever, clever girl!

I deal with reversals in a number of ways. Sometimes, they mean the opposite of the traditional textbook definition. Sometimes, a reversal suggests I should look closer at the issue at hand. Sometimes, it means an issue is very deeply rooted. Sometimes a reversal just means “no”.

When I pull the Page of Swords reversed, as I did on this last day of summer, it tells me one simple thing. Stop reading between the lines! Sometimes an apple is just an apple.

It’s in my nature to look deeply into what is going on in life. This is one of the many reasons I read Tarot to begin with. I’m snooping around for extra info in an extraordinary way! I know, like you do, there is so much more in this world than meets my eye.

It is this same instinct that can also get me into trouble. Trouble in the sense I can pick a fight when there is no squabble to be had. I can project an issue when there is none. I’ll think someone is mad at me when nothing could be further from the truth.

The suit of Swords is rocky and tumultuous. I believe if you journey through the entire suit – by the time you get to the court cards, you are looking at four bad ass motha*@#%ers. A reversed Page of Swords pops up from time to time to say chill for a while. Not everything is a mystery to be solved.

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