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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Moon

The Moon

I write under a full moon.

In Tarot as in life, The Moon is smoky, tempestuous. Why is The Moon tarot card so slippery? Why is the moon itself so very unnerving? Some nights, I sit on the back deck, bathed in the moon’s velvety glow. I’ll flip through my tarot cards and feel as if the moon is energizing my deck and me. The moonlight feels soothing, restorative. I look up smiling. The moon is our common human denominator. Shakespeare, Dante, Einstein gazed at this very same moon and pondered life’s greatest mysteries.

Then unexpectedly, next night, the very same milky moonlight turns eerie and spooky. The shadows get longer. I see vampires clinging to the eaves of my house. They are upside down, peering through my window. Stephen King vampires. Salem’s Lot vampires. Ravenous vampires. I can’t sleep. Can’t concentrate. Wish I were back in the confines of my cozy NYC apartment. Give me a mugger, an angry cabbie, an old man returning soup in a deli, a yuppie – I can handle any of those – but not vampires.

There is a pool at the bottom of the Moon Tarot card. What surfaces from this deep pool can be unnerving because it is your subconscious. The creatures, figures, emotions that emerge are based entirely on your personal history.

We have all experienced Moon energy turning things upside down. Soon enough, things will balance out. Remember, it is only temporary. The moon is in constant motion, cyclical in its nature. A werewolf regains human form soon enough, so will you.

When you receive the Moon card in a Tarot reading or notice a full moon on a warm summer’s evening – let it nudge you toward the unexpected, to the deeper aspects of yourself – even if it is a little frightening. Journey to your subconscious pool. Take a glimpse at what lies just beneath your surface. Thrill you or spook you, you’ll be surprised at what you discover. You also might walk away knowing a little more about yourself than you did before.

Moonlight is sculpture; sunlight is painting.

-Nathaniel Hawthorne

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