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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Moon

The Moon

The Moon Tarot card contains many meanings in its nocturnal glow. The Moon card represents dreams, intuition, strangeness, intensity, confusion, illusion and cycles. I am always drawn to the cyclical nature of the Moon.

Whenever the Moon Tarot card appears, it is a reminder that whatever the issue at hand, it will ebb and flow – just like the moon itself.

We can easily understand how cyclical nature can be, the change of seasons, even the cycle within a day – but what about cycles within us?

What cycle are you experiencing at this very moment?

Do you sometimes find yourself in a creative period? Bursting with ideas, inspiration and massive productivity. Other times, are you hot under the collar for sex? On your mind for days on end? Some weeks do you feel withdrawn and quiet while at other times want to get out and socialize?

Perhaps, you are a freelancer. Do you notice days where work comes like gangbusters? Job attracts job until you are so busy you are turning people away. Then – you’ll enter a dry spell where you are begging for clients.

Do you ever have intense, crazy dreams for consecutive nights in a row and then – nothing?

These cycles are all indicative of the Moon Tarot card.

Once you become aware of your cyclical nature, you can use these cycles to your advantage. Sort of a Jamba Juice Boost to your internal psychological state. Only this time – YOU decide what cycle you are in rather than it randomly happening.

Take out your Moon Tarot Card and take note of the cycle of the actual moon. Then decide what sort of power boost you’d like.

If the Moon is waxing (growing bigger) decide what you want more of. Vibrant beauty, astonishing creativity, superb sex, mountains of money, satisfying work – whatever you want. If the moon is waning (getting smaller) decide what you’d like a deeper understanding of or less of. Ask for profound introspection, deeper internal peace and meditation, release of negativity or bonus weight loss.

If you find yourself in a dreaming cycle – ask for answers, visions in your dreams. When you find yourself in a “blue” period you can rest assured an end is in sight. It won’t last forever.

With Tarot in hand and conviction in heart – you have the power to create whatever you want in life!

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