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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands

Tarot court cards are often the wiggliest cards of the deck. Courts can be really tough to understand and nail down. In order to simplify the courts and the Knight of Wands, I like to think of them in the following three ways.

The first is the energy the Knights contain. I find Knights carry the energy of a hormonal teenager. Think how deeply you felt your life at age sixteen. Didn’t it feel like the world was coming to an end if you missed out on a party or couldn’t see your best friend? The Knights are certain to act on their depth of emotions. They don’t hold back.

The second way to understand Tarot court cards is to assign a personal association. Take a look at the Knight of Wands. He represents the element of fire (Wands) and is on a horse that is rearing up, rushing forward. Can you think of someone who is quite passionate and a touch uncontrollable? They can be your keyword for the card – I use my friend Karl.

It is also fun to assign a celebrity for each court card. Don’t laugh – I use Justin Timberlake as my celebrity key word for the Knight of Wands.

The third way to understand a court card is to look at how it applies to you and what is going on in your life. Right now, my schedule is jam-packed; I’ve got projects going I’m really excited about. I’m the Knight and my life is the horse racing ahead. My challenge is to keep it steady, live in the moment and keep that forward momentum up.

How many Knights of Wands can you recognize in your life right now? Who would be your celebrity Knight of Wands? How does the Knight of Wands energy apply to your life? Are you in control of that horse? Do you have a clear sense of where you are headed? When you are passionate about something can you see it through to the end? Does that passion tend to burn itself out?

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