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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Five of Cups


Fives in Tarot are the roughest numbers to wrestle with. I think of the Five of Cups as the addiction card. The gentleman in the black cloak on the Five of Cups looks so dejected. So sad!

The theory of the Five of Cups as representing addiction is easily viewed in the picture. We can understand the three cups that have spilled as the addiction – be it drugs, cigarettes, sex, negative thought patterns, booze, food – take your pick. Sadly, there are so many to choose from. Human nature is nothing is not short of dark and muddy issues to battle with. Look at the two cups behind him as more of the same vile fluid. This card represents the point at which you make a decision.

Choice time.

If the fellow (you) turns back to drink what is left in the two full cups – the addiction has won. If he chooses to walk away and cross the distant bridge you prevail over the addiction.

You can understand the castle/home in the distance as all of the comforts and happiness you can imagine – the life you wish for, long for, hope for . . .

My sister runs a rehab center in California. The first thing she will tell you about any issue/addiction is that the root is emotion. Cups in Tarot are filled with emotion. Feelings. She’ll tell you emotions can’t hurt you by themselves. They are just emotions. Feel them.

Don a black cloak and place yourself inside of this card . . .

What is your number one addiction?

What non-helpful behavior could you give up?

What stands in the way of having the life you imagine for yourself? What bridge do you still need to cross?

Is this moment a turning point of your life?

When have you said enough is enough?

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