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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card A Day Blog – The Chariot

The Chariot

The Chariot Tarot card represents being in the drivers seat. When the Chariot pops up, it means you will experience keen movement forward. Sort of like a roller coaster about to accelerate. You’ve waited in the hot, sweaty line, you’re strapped in, safety harness secure – so decide what direction you’d like to head in. You’re moving onward and upward – like it or not.

I’m taking my driver’s license road test this Friday morning! And no, I’m not a teenager. Just been living in New York City for the past twenty years, using my feet and Metrocard as my primary source of transportation. The Chariot Tarot card appeared with sublime timing. Wish me luck!

While practicing my newfound skills as a driver, I was surprised to realize the attention used to drive a car is not unlike the attention required when reading Tarot cards.

The first skill a driver (or Charioteer) is taught is to expand their line of vision. You don’t just look at the car ahead of you – you look hundreds of feet around. You expand your awareness in a circular way. You become conscious of what is happening in front, behind and next to you. As a driver, you peek into the future as you anticipate what moves other cars might make.

The moment you flip a Tarot card, you engage in the act of expanding your vision. Beginners and long time Tarot pros alike, shift their level of concentration as they interpret the meaning of a card. As you search amidst the symbols of Tarot for answers, seek wisdom and ask questions, you open your mind in a visionary, circular, forward thinking way.

Tarot offers answers. It is not the card’s advice you follow – it is your own. Your voice is unique and exclusive to you. It is where the truth of your entire life can be found.

Behind the wheel of a car, you put faith in the fact that you won’t go careening off the road. You set your intention of destination and dangers withstanding – a turn of the ignition key and off you go. You can and should have that same faith in yourself off the road.

If you are clever enough to work with Tarot, (I’m guessing you are or you wouldn’t be reading this) you can use your gift of intuition – the gift we each are born with – to guide you into the most fulfilling and wildly amazing life possible.

When you “ignite your intuition” with Tarot you may just drive right into your own happiness!

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