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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups


Happily Ever After!

The Ten of Cups depicts a happy family. Cups signify the emotions, art and feelings. Tens imply endings. When the Ten of Cups shows up, it speaks of very happy ending. It is easy to associate the Ten of Cups with home life because I am a mother. The imagery of this card lends itself to forms other than the traditional family too. These figures could represent your work environment, your group of friends or any situation really where there is more than one person involved. It is always fun to look into a tarot card and see which figure you would be. So, right now, who would you be in the Ten of Cups?

I like to look beyond the cyclical aspect and think about what it means to live in the moment of the Ten of Cups. What is all this talk lately about being in the moment? Why is it so important? Because, when you are present in your life, you experience life on a deeper, richer level, time ceases and my guess is you become much happier. Just like the people on the Ten of Cups.

One thing about my daughter, in her wise four years, she totally lives in the moment. She rarely thinks about tomorrow, concerns herself with what is coming next, or stresses out about anything that is not happening to her right then and there. She absolutely engrossed in the present. How can we apply this childlike level of attentiveness to what we are doing and still be productive adults? Well, it is not always easy. Begin by letting go of fear, trusting you will get everything done, and then start paying attention to what is in front of you. I know, easier said than done. Entire aisles of bookstores are taken up with books that deal with fear and trust. Hey, you’ve got to begin somewhere.

I think living in the moment is essential when it comes to the Ten of Cups. The parents in the Ten of Cups are in awe and wonder of what is presented above. We can’t see their faces, but my guess is they have created the abundance of cups and are experiencing true contentment. Sensing their parents joy, the children are ecstatic and playful. We all know children are happy when their parents are happy.

Did you know your level of happiness and satisfaction affects those around you? Do you think it possible to create a huge amount of joy in your life? So much joy that other people can feel it and become happier as a result of being with you? How can you try to live in the moment? How easy is it to stop thinking about what is coming next and focus on what is right in front of you? All of the exuberance and happiness pictured on the Ten of Cups can be yours if you just allow it!

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