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The Lovers Tarot Card


Choice. Duality. Excitement.

Yummy card! The Lovers always implies a choice. What makes The Lovers thrilling is the element of excitement implied. The figures stand naked on the card. The title itself, Lovers, suggests these two characters relate to one another on a very intimate level. When this card appears, one should always take a keen look at what is getting you roused up.

The Lovers can easily suggest the intimate relationship you are involved in or about to be involved in. I knew immediately what this card was referencing when I pulled it. I had a date with my husband last night. The two of us don’t get out a whole lot. We’ve a four year old. When we do get out, we are often too tired to make a huge night of it, let alone revisit the passion of our youth. I think I pulled this card as a reminder, after being with my husband fifteen years, the lovers we were in our twenties still exists within us. It is well worth revisiting those places within our relationship.

On another level, where The Lovers speaks about choice, I’m thrilled about some of the choices I’ve been making lately. I’ve been choosing to eat really healthy. I’m choosing to work out every morning. I’m choosing to write every day and most importantly, I think on a deep and profound level I am choosing to be happy. Genuinely happy. Interestingly, there is a great level of excitement each time I choose to do one of these things. Will that feeling wear off with time? Perhaps. Doesn’t really matter as long as the behavior continues and I stay content and happy.

Take a peek at The Lovers card. What figure are you on the card? Human or angel? If you are a nude figure, how does your state of undress make you feel? Comfortable or nervous? What is getting your engines going right now? Relationships? Work? New Hobby? Nothing in particular? Put on a piece of music that gets you psyched, in spite of yourself, and feel the energy. Pay attention to what you are doing in life feels really good, really saucy. You should be really excited about your life! Then, tailor your choices so you get more! 

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