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Nine of Cups

The Wish Card.

I love this card. Drawing the Nine of Cups means your wish will come true. When I pulled it, I was a bit taken aback. I had my whole day planned out. I thought briefly of what was before me and I hoped it would go smoothly. But what wish would come true? What was I wishing for these days anyway? Surprising, the thought of a wish would have me stumped. A trip to Europe sprang to mind. That seemed a little far-fetched but I went with it. I doubted round trip tickets to Paris would materialize within 24 hours.

Later that afternoon, I brought my daughter to see a sweet little film called The Waterhorse. The Loch Ness monster story, the movie takes place in Scotland and is beautifully shot. While watching the film, I recalled my own magical trip to Scotland, some years back. The sky, the castles, the people, the history… It is an amazing country! I thought, hey, I’m sort of traveling in Europe. Even if it is only through a film and my own memory. Guess my wish came true. Hey, I’m not gonna be picky. Plus, this trip came with popcorn.

This month has been super busy. I had a bunch of Tarot jobs, my husband’s working like crazy, plus it has been a super frigid January. My family hasn’t been up to our country house in weeks. I’ve been counting down the minutes ‘till we could get back up there. So, my darling calls me late in the afternoon to inform me he’s taking tomorrow off so we can have a three-day weekend in the country. I’m so excited! The card was pretty right on. I got a taste of Europe and a totally unexpected trip.

What lesson did I learn? Do not ever be skeptical of your wish coming true. Also, make sure you always have a few good wishes at your fingertips. If someone told you right now your wish would come true, what would it be? What is the craziest thing you could imagine? Perhaps it is easier to imagine winning two million dollars. What would you do with the money? How would you spend it? Would you buy a home, take a trip, spend it on clothes? Maybe you are don’t want financial help but wish for respect, good health or just a new situation. Imagining what you want is the first step toward getting what you want. And if you ask me, you deserve to have all of your dreams to come true!

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