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Balance. Flow. Excellent Choices.

Temperance reminds you to keep balance. Just look at the name. The Encarta dictionary gives us two definitions of the word temperance. First, total abstinence from alcoholic drink. This reminds us of the temperance movement responsible for prohibition. Second, self-restraint in the face of temptation or desire. Hmmm. I think when this card was created back in the sixteenth century they may have been operating under a different set of definitions. Let’s go with the modern interpretation of the word for now.

So, the word temperance is about holding back. Not doing something you want to do. Yet, the angel pictured on the card is seemly happy, content. In fact, she looks as if she might be mixing a martini! She has one foot in the water and one over the ground. Is she touching the ground or slightly hovering? You decide for yourself. I think the angel is there to show us that although we may never be perfect at it, balance and moderation is possible.

I pulled this card as I began to get a really miserable cold. My nasal passages were raw. The icy January wind screaming down Second Avenue penetrated me to the bone. Every sneeze sent shivers through my body. I felt awful. My desire and temptation was to wrap up in a cozy blanket and go to sleep. Like all of you, I’ve my responsibilities. I got my girl off to school, wrote a bit, picked her up from school, off to dance class and home again. I was able to add balance by ordering a comfort food dinner in from Sarges, the greatest ever Jewish diner and permitting my daughter an hour of tv before bed, something I would never normally do.

So, that was the amount of balance for my day. Perhaps when you’re sick you are more aware of what is good for you. Do you generally listen to your body? How do you create balance and harmony in your life? Is there something you should do a little less of? Something you should do a little more? Do you think it is possible to live within the bounds of moderation? Is there any behavior you should abstain from? Do you find the angel on this card optimistic or controlling?

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