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The Knight of Swords


Speed. Haste. Rushing.

I used an approach called Voice in a Card yesterday, when I pulled the Knight of Swords. Voice in a Card was taught to me by my teachers, Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone, at The Tarot School. Using Voice in a Card, you disregard the traditional meaning and see what aspect of the card captures your attention. What you choose to focus on contains a message for you.

As I gazed at this anxious knight, it was the clouds in the backround that drew my attention. They seemed to be speeding by and I noticed the solid nature of his helmet and armor. I decided the weather would play a big part in my day and I would be protected from it.

Wow, I had no idea how true this would be. It was an INSANE weather day. I’d woken up to a beautiful snow storm. The sun was shining when we left the country house. The wind gusted so strong it nearly knocked our car off the road and we drove though a snow squall half way to the city. In Central Park, later that afternoon, we walked into another snow squall. A wall of snow literally came barreling toward us! That blew through. Later, in Times Square, it looked like a ticker tape parade with another snow burst. I fell asleep listening to wind gusts blasting against our windows.

In retrospect, the crazy weather perfectly demonstrates the energy in the Knight of Swords. The speed at which the storms blew though was amazing. They didn’t last long, but when they were happening, you couldn’t ignore them. They were so strong. My aunt told me, while walking her dog, the wind picked her up off her feet!

Weather like this can’t sustain itself and quickly passes. It is exciting while it happens. The Knight of Swords is speedy and fast but also passes quickly. The suit of swords always refers to the intellect and the mind. When the Knight of Swords appears, you may be using your mental abilities to their strongest capacity. You will move forward quickly. My advice, always go with the forward moving energy and enjoy the ride. Make the most out of your momentum. Hopefully, you’ll land in a new place. 

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