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Inner Power.

Okay. I have to be honest. It came time to draw my card of the day and I didn’t like what I picked. I chose another, didn’t like it, and chose another. Finally, it became clear the message the cards were sending me. I just picked the Strength card out of the deck because it looked like there might be a problem heading down the road. I figured if something weird might happen, I could just focus on my inner strength to help me get through it. I put it far out of my mind. I didn’t want to ruin my day based on a few cards (Seven of Swords, Eight of Swords, Chariot reversed).

The day wasn’t a total nightmare. As a matter of fact, most of it was quite lovely. Then, my daughter threw the mother of all tantrums at a play date. It was awful and left me feeling like a complete failure. Later that evening, my husband graciously put her to bed and I went to the movies to see a film based on a book I really enjoyed. It was not a good movie at all and I pondered the Strength card as I walked home. Had I utilized my inner Strength to act in the best way when my daughter started freaking out? Doubtful. Had I somehow created her tantrum by thinking something bad might occur based on the cards I pulled? Okay, thinking like that will drive me crazy! I had to let it go. Four year olds spaz out sometimes, just a fact of life. Maybe if I use the imagery on the card it will aid in how I deal with the situation, next time she has a tantrum – assuming there is a next time.

The Strength tarot card talks about using your strong inner power. It is only through a resolute and firm belief in oneself that the trainer is able to exert calmness over the large lion looming over her. Can I be stronger and more resolute the next time a situation like that occurs? Absolutely. Can I do better? Yes, I can. Can I be strong without being to controlling? Good question and I hope so. Normally, I end my blog with questions turned around to you, the reader. Right now, I’m still trying to figure them out for myself.

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