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Sasha Graham's Ghost Stories by the Fire Episode #9: "Spectral Violinist" with Sci-Fi/Horror Author Nicholas Kaufmann

Updated: Mar 27

We are never more vulnerable than when we stand naked in the shower. But what if we are the ones scaring away spirits?

Does the door between worlds work both ways?

Can a spirit attach itself to you?

And if demonic possession is a real thing, what do the demons do with their time off between possessions?

I first met Nicolas Kaufman when he shared a story at my live Ghost Stories by the Fire event about the Magickal Childe and iconic New York City witchcraft shop that haunted West 19th Street back in the 1980s.

Nicholas is the critically acclaimed author of numerous works of horror and suspense, including the Bram Stoker, award-winning "General Slocum Scold", and the Shirley Jackson Award-nominated "Chasing the Dragon." In addition to spirits and possessions, we talk about the creative process, muses, where stories come from, and what happens when your mother catches you dabbling in witchcraft.Grab a cup of tea and cozy up to this funny philosophical conversation.

Chapter #1 Scary Toys [3:30]

Chapter #2 Seductive Glamour of Monsters [4:33]

Chapter #3 Spectral Violinist [7:02]

Chapter #4 Shower Scene [16:30]

Chapter #5 Demonic Possession [25:07]

Chapter #6 Tarot [40:33]

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The Ghost Stories  theme song "Lovely," comes from the The Deeper You Dig  by the Adams Family. This horror flick is a different kind of spooky story that will haunt you after it ends! Watch now, free on Tubi:


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