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The Two of Swords

Shut Out Distractions and Pay Attention!

All the two’s in Tarot represent beginning stages. The Tree of Life places the number two in Wisdom. Swords in Tarot represent the air, intellect, and thinking. The Two of Swords Tarot card is about the wisdom of your mind.

How can you focus to your inner wisdom with that ruckus surrounding you? Smash the damn TV, shut down your computer, toss your cell phone out the window and start paying attention what’s going on inside of you. Is there a project you are thinking about but haven’t gotten around to doing? Feeling distracted? If you’ve chosen the Two of Swords, this card is a specific reminder to put serious, directed thought toward your project or plan. Get to it!

I dare you to take five minutes a day to turn off all distraction and sit with your eyes closed. Perhaps, you sit with legs crossed like a yogi or you assume the position pictured on the Two of Swords. Do this for seven days in a row. Retreat into yourself for five minutes a day and see if it doesn’t make a difference in your life. Where your mind leads you is entirely your choice. This is your adventure.

By the way, if you identify too closely with the seated figure on this card –remove that blindfold and take a good look around you. Balance, darling, the Two of Swords is also about balance. 

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