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Best Shows To Watch Based on Your Zodiac with Sasha Graham

Finding a new TV show to binge can easily turn into endless scrolling, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Sasha Graham is a metaphysical author who’s hand-picked the perfect TV show for you based on your zodiac.

Aries Aries, we know you aren’t ever fooling around so when it comes to entertainment, you want something as bad ass as you! The Circle is a reality competition show on Netflix with your name written all over it. Based on the popular British series of the same name, contestants are isolated and can communicate with each other via a social media app only. Using strategy and manipulation, only one can win $100,000 for being the most popular, which is something EVERY Aries can get behind.

Taurus Taurus, when you get sucked into a good show, it’s all or nothing for your sensual self, which is why the arty, procedural The Sinner with Jessica Biel, Matt Bomer and Bill Pulman is perfect for you. Enjoy all the mystery and satisfying horror your Taurus soul can bear with this crime drama moving into its third season on Netflix.

Gemini Gemini, your social self will be ready to throw a watch party for your new favorite show, Lucifer. Your curious nature will be hooked as you watch sexy devil Tom Ellis play the fallen angel who is shocked to discover something akin to compassion and sympathy sprouting inside his soul. Watch on Netflix.

Cancer Cancer, you’ve got the sensitive and curious side that makes everything about spiritual life fascinating to you. Get sucked into the addicting true crime docuseries Murder Among Mormons on Netflix. Over three decades ago, in 1985, the Church of Latter Day Saints made national news when a missionary killed two people and injured himself in three bomb blasts in Salt Lake City. Follow along as it all unravels.

Leo Leo, you are busting with creative vibes and delicious, effervescent energy, which is exactly why you’ll devour every last bite of Nadiya Bakes, a delightful and cheerful new series of Netflix. Nadiya is a British Baking Show breakout star, and on her new show she reinvents UK classics. Watch her dazzle while revamping a Victoria Sponge by stuffing it with coconut and mango to create sunshine in a cake.

Virgo Virgo, we know you are used to being the smartest one in the room, which is why you will appreciate every sardonic Fran Lebowitz observation in Martin Scorsese’s Pretend its a City. This documentary series wanders the streets of New York, hitting iconic spots like the Players Club with the city’s beloved humorist. It includes conversations and clips from both writer and director, which make you feel like you’ve got a seat at the table. Tune in on Netflix.

Libra Libra, we know you just wanna have fun which is exactly why we’ve picked the fabulously funny, heartwarming, Emmy-winning, series Community. The show’s cult following may have something to do with its extraordinary ensemble cast, which includes Donald Glover, a hilarious Chevy Chase, and Gillian Jacobs who build a family around a fast-talking lawyer who is forced to go back to school at a community college.

Scorpio Sexy Scorpio, when you dive in you go deep, which is why HBO’s The Nevers is the perfect show you didn’t know you needed. Set in Victorian London, a group of mostly women create a girl gang when they discover they have paranormally odd powers. The show is lush and beautiful. Watching these ladies fight off their relentless enemies is a magical delight sure to inspire the Scorpio soul.

Sagittarius Sag, you are the most fun sign of the zodiac, so it stands to reason that the show you should be watching is the heartwarming, funny and totally relatable Never Have I Ever. Its second season streams on July 15th and has the Sagittarius star sign written all over it. The comedy follows the complicated life of a first-generation Indian-American teenager and will have you grinning from ear to ear the entire time. Watch on Netflix.

Capricorn Capricorn, we know you were born to succeed which is why The Big Shot with Bethany needs to be on your watch list. Enjoy next generation business moguls competing to win a spot as second in command next to Skinnygirl founder Bethany Frankel. In fact, Cap, you might just show them a thing or two about how to succeed. Watch on HBO Max.

Aquarius Aquarius, you are the OG of the zodiac and none else is as fresh, friendly and as open minded as you. As a result, the show that you can binge all night is The Midnight Gospel on Netflix. The MG is an astonishing animated series for all ages from the creator of Adventure Time. The show is silly and profound, just like you. It takes sophisticated, philosophical ideas and breaks them down in a palatable and entertaining way.

Pisces Deep and gorgeous Pisces, as one of the most creative signs of the zodiac, here’s a show that will inspire you in every way imaginable. Escape mundane reality with Song Exploderon Netflix.Song Exploder is based on the smash hit podcast. Watch inspired musicians such as Alicia Keys, Ty Dolla Sign, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dua Lipa share their song writing, creative process and intimate thoughts.

And now you know the perfect show to watch based on your zodiac!


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