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My New Year’s Resolution is the Smallest Possible Thing and the Highest Possible Choice

You can’t escape it. A new year? It feels … well … new.

Much fuss and fury is made of new year resolutions and expectations. But important soul shifting change never seems to happen overnight. In a world of instant gratification, this can leave us feeling empty or with a sense of failure even when we are making positive strides.

Rather than setting myself up to feel icky or bad in 2016, an idea occurred to me based on an experience I had over the holiday.

I had the pleasure of conducting a fascinating youtube interview with my friend and Reiki Master, Spiritualist Minister, Intuitive Counselor, Seance Conductor and Reader, Willie Rosario.

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Willie spends much of his time in contact with the other side. I asked him about encountering dark or dangerous beings or energies. And I asked about reading for ourselves. What should we do when we find ourselves being drawn to negativity or something scary?

Willie responded, “Whether dealing with entities, ghosts, spirits, ancestors, guides or energies or even emotions inside myself, I always move toward the highest possible vibration.”

And if anything feels scary or negative? Willie responded, “Simply stop.”

Good advice… for all of us.

As Willie spoke about the “highest vibration,” I believe he was not describing the context of “good” or “bad,” (value judgments), nor was he talking about “dark” or “light” (again, value judgments … in fact, I lean into pregnant/creative/spooky darkness).

Willie spoke of “high” vs. “low.”

For example:

If sadness is the low, then joy is the high, or oppositional experience.

If anger is a low, than acceptance and love is the high or oppositional experience.

If fear is a low then freedom is the high or oppositional experience.

On this first Monday of 2016, I recalled that the biggest changes result from tiny adjustments.

I decided, my resolution is to do the smallest possible thing in 2016.

And in doing so, look for my highest choice.

I will keep checking in.

Is this the highest possible choice I can make?

Will be interesting to see what develops …

Happy New Year and stay tuned for my interview with marvelous Willie Rosario on youtube.

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