• Sasha Graham

My Morning with Mount Everest

Arrived at Mt. Everest Base Camp in time for the sunset.

✨Daybreak at Everest✨

Spent the night at Mount Everest Base Camp in the guesthouse at Rongbuk Monastery. Was freezing, no running water, electricity was on and off but Everest isn’t supposed to be easy and I wasn’t complaining. Even the altitude sickness brought me back to reading “Into Thin Air.” Could hear Jon Krakauer’s words in my head as I was moving slow, losing my breath, sleepless yet so tired and I wasn’t even climbing!

My gratitude offering.

Saw morning light breaking across the sky and crept through the darkness, hoping I wouldn’t bump into a yak or snow leopard. The stars were out in full force. Orion’s Belt strewn above my head in the Himalayas, familiar, just like it is in my own backyard.

Not a soul was out. Lights twinkled from the tent city up ahead and a single curl of smoke slipped from the monastery’s chimney. I huddled next to an incense stove, took it all in and started crying my eyes out. Everest was the focal point for a trip of a lifetime and now we were sitting alone together.

I looked up at a mountain that had claimed the lives of so many people, even this past week on the Nepal side. All I felt from the mountain was love and compassion. As if she was as happy to see me as I was to see her. Wasn’t there to conquer or climb her. Just wanted to feel her. And I was feeling Everest along with everyone and everything I’d experienced and discovered along the way.

Ancient meditation cave at the foot of Everest tucked away inside monastery.

I get that heart opening hurts. You have to crack your heart wide open to let more of anything in. That’s why even extreme beauty and compassion is painful ~ it’s transforming you. And evolution is never comfortable or we wouldn’t fight it so hard. But meaningful things in life never come easy do they? It doesn’t mean life has to be tough but it does mean you have to be willing to sit with discomfort - especially the squirmy, scary kind that marks extreme transformation and heart opening.

By the time the sun shone across Everest’s peaks people were out snapping photos. That was fine. We’d had our time together.

The Fool and the World, the beginning and the end, the sacred circle and Mt. Everest, the Crown Chakra of the World.

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