• Sasha Graham

Does Tarot Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

Updated: Feb 25

If so, you aren't alone. Stupid is exactly how I felt when I opened my very first tarot deck at the tender age of 12. The cards slipped out of the pack, all shiny and gorgeous, and I had NO idea how to read them.

Tarot reading is fun! Its magical! Its delicious! Stupid is the last thing you should feel when gazing at the cards. Once I mastered the art of Tarot reading, I knew I didn't want anyone to feel intimidated by the cards.

Here are a few simple tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  1. You already know everything about the Tarot. Tarot is nothing more than a reflection of the human psyche.

  2. Tarot is a mirror, a looking glass. Everything you are is reflected in the cards.

  3. Fear is the quickest way to shut down a Tarot reading AND your intuition.

  4. Start by reading one card at a time before moving on to more complicated spreads.

  5. You don't have to memorize definitions, at first (or ever). Simply focus on the first thing in the card that pulls your attention and tell the story.

  6. YOU are the one who possess the magic, not the cards.

  7. There are deep, mysterious wells of occult secrets sequestered inside Tarot cards. It's there for you to dive into when you are ready. It becomes fodder for your Tarot toolbox but don't let esoteric information overwhelm you.

  8. The most important thing you bring to Tarot is a willingness to have a "Beginner's Mindset."This is what leads to delight, surprise, and deeply intuitive discoveries.

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Cast your cards well!


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