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Love Tarot Reading - How tarot cards can predict your path for your relationship

Updated: May 22, 2018

Personal reading for myself in the Enchanted Kitchen farmhouse with the Rider Waite Smith deck (right) and the Prisma Visions Tarot (left).

The Tarot card is a powerful tool that can be used to gain insights into your life, your current status, or your future. You can compare a Tarot reading to a camera that takes snapshot of what your life looks like at the moment of the reading. The cards, through the Tarot reader, give you a glimpse to some aspects of your life, like unseen influences,  behavioral patterns, challenges or obstacles, and strengths. Basically, the reading can give you quick picture of where you are now in the present, where you've come from, where you want to be, and how will you get there.

However, Tarot reading is not limited to giving you information to improve you your career, business, and future dealings, it can also be used to predict future love or future relationships. Love tarot readings is one of the most popular way of using tarot cards to gain an insight in your love life. Isn't nice that before you get invested in a romantic, you get to know how much potential you have as a couple? The love tarot card reading can be used to predict the future of your relationship and will show you your compatibility with each other and how you can adapt, and grow together. Tarot cards can give you some of the most detailed glimpses into your life that you might not have even been aware of. 

For new lovers, or if your just contemplating whether or not give your budding relationship a chance, you can consult a love tarot reader or a psychic chat to discover the chances of success that you and your new lover may have.

If you're looking to gain insights to your new relationship, or future relationships request for a spread for a new relationship. Below are some classic cards of the deck that you should look out for and Tarot card meanings in different positions.



This Tarot card represents your unity with your soulmate. However, if it is positioned in the past, you might still be obsessing over a former lover of yours and haven’t moved on or you might have created a vision of your ideal man that no one in the real world can ever top.


Calm down! This card represents the “big breakup”. If it is positioned in the past, it represents that painful break up that you have suffered in the past. If it is in the present position, it means that chaos and bad news is currently lurking around you. However, if you are content and presently in love, the Tower in the future position indicates that it is best for you to move to new surroundings.


If this card appeared in a man’s reading, this card symbolizes something powerful and positive. However, unless your Tarot reader sees it pairing with the other cards in the deck, this card only represent an untruthful man in a woman’s life. In that case it is beast if this card stays in the past.


This card is not exactly the most popular of cards in anyone’s reading. However, this card does not always connote negativity. For example, if you have been alone for a long a time, the Death card in the present position means that your loneliness is about to end or about to die. If it is in the future position, it might be an indication that you are about to make a huge relationship breakthrough in the future.


This Tarot card is largely based on the medieval Popes and the papal armies of that past that they commanded. If this card appeared in your reading, it means that you will get involved to a man of wealth and fame. This card is an indicator that a rich boyfriend will soon arrive if it appears in the future position.



In a deck of a Tarot card, there are four Pages, one for each suit. This card represents young or youthful men. If the girl asking for a reading is someone who has never had a boyfriend before, it is quite common to see a Page in her future position. For a mature woman though, this is an indication that she is about to enter into a relationship with an immature man.


A Knight represents a macho male partner and a relationship hastily entered. However, if it is in the future position it means that a possible “love at first sight” is just looming in the corner.


A King, in a woman’s reading, in the past position represents domineering men in her life. If it is in the future position, however, is a good indication that you are about to find a responsible partner, a man who takes care of business. If positioned in the present, it only means that you should stick to your current partner. 

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