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6 Magical Morning Rituals to Empower Your Beautiful Self 

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Energy is energy in the magical practice. It has no moral compass. Your challenge during difficult times, once stress, anger or angst takes residence inside you, is to work through the emotion without passing it on to someone else. If you allow yourself to wake up angry, hurt or stressed over what someone did to you (even if it was unfair and unjustified), you inadvertently become the owner of that anger and hurt.

A life event, media story or nasty behavior on your newsfeed can striking powerful emotional chords and stress you out. Acting out of anger, even while defending yourself, passes the energy on. It is like a ball being tossed back and forth or like the child’s game of Telephone except instead of a message you are passing on anger and stress.

Does this energetic rule mean you should stay silent when people treat you unfairly? Does it mean you should roll over and pretend nothing bad is happening? Absolutely not! The key lay in how you react to negativity. You can state your case, be proactive and make seismic changes in the world when you come from a place of peace and calm. What’s more? Peace, calm and love is what you start passing into the world.

Recently, many people feel like they’ve woken up in some strange Alice Through the Looking Glass Netherland where up is down and down is up. Tsunami like waves of emotion have echoes across the country in recent weeks. How can you get a grip and become proactive? How can you fight against feelings of helplessness? Below are a slew of delicious morning rituals that will empower you, heal you and make you and the world a happier, healthier place.

The Physical Soul – Revenge Body


Does stress make you want to get your body moving? Nothing clears the mind and body like a morning exercise routine. It doesn’t matter if you unroll a yoga mat, head outside for a thirty minute walk in the woods or try a new group fitness class. Exercise and endorphins literally change the chemistry of the body. You will feel amazing and accomplished.

*Magical key ~ In magical practice, intention is everything. Take a moment to set an intention before you begin your morning movement. Envision your desired goal. Are you a runner? Imagine you are running to your desired intention. Revisit your intention at the end of your workout.

The Activist Soul – Morning Phone Calls, Postcards and Action

Do you desire immediate gratification? Are you the type who jumps in to fix a situation? Set yourself up for success each morning to perform even five – ten minutes of

activism. Have a call list ready to go, get postcards, stamps and your favorite pens, study up on actions you can take to make a real difference at the local level. Assess personal talents and figure out how to use them.

*Magical key ~ Take a moment to center yourself before any phone call. Imagine the intern/answerer on the other end and see yourself speaking from your heart to their heart. Do the same thing with any postcard, finding just the right expression for your feelings or point of view. Consider your talents and imagine what positive effect they will have on the world as you move forward.

The Artist/Writer Soul – Morning Pages

Do you love to paint, write, read and express yourself? Julia Cameron, author of the Artist’s

Way, created an innovative system for creative breakthrough. Morning Pages cut through the “noise” in the head and the emotions in the hearts so artists can get down to their creative work first thing. Morning Pages consist of three pages of handwritten pages of blurt, stream of consciousness writing. No worries of spelling, punctuation, no need to ever read them again. Grab a notebook and start writing what’s on your mind. You’ll be amazed at how light and free you feel by the time you are done.

*Magical Key ~ Pure energetic expression frees the soul. Blurt writing, releases stress, anger, and angst onto the paper. This leaves the writer with a fresh blank slate state of mind. Possibility is unleashed. Space is created.

The Enlightened Soul – Gratitude Practice

A Gratitude Practice is a simple and effective morning ritual that has the power to change your entire day. Choose a partner to join you in your practice. Make a commitment to send a gratitude email to this person every day. Write a list of things you are honestly grateful for no matter how big or small. Never censor your gratitude and allow your instinct to guide you. Hit the send button.

*Magical Key – All of life is a projection of how we feel. A mind space of gratitude is powerful medicine for the psyche. There’s no room for fear and anger when you are in a space of gratitude.

The Curious Soul – Oracle/Tarot Cards

Do you delight in finding messages and clues? Flipping a daily card is meditational, quiets the mind and helps practitioners listen to their inner voice. Find a deck of oracle (oracle cards are usually centered around themes like Angels, or Mermaids or concern healing and/or uplifting messages, etc.) or tarot cards. Shuffle the deck. Randomly pull a single card every day. Consider the card’s message with your morning drink, perhaps journal on it. Maybe you revisit the card’s message at the end of day. You may also form a question for your card based on how you feel each morning.

*Magical key – Pulling cards takes the focus off of yourself and places it on the table before you. This distance gives the psyche room to cultivate solutions, make intuitive discoveries and encourages personal revelations. Morning habits, devoting five minutes of time to pulling a card, is quickly ingrained. This become the basis and building block for a serious meditational practice.

The Mindful Soul – Balancing Media and Social Media

Do you strive for balance? News and social media are forms of communication. We all want

to stay informed. But the mindful soul sees that news is created to provoke emotional reactions and social media does not replace real time, in-person human to human communication and interaction. The Mindful Soul resets their news and social filters so they do not become bombarded with messages. They know that they are the ones controlling their technology and not the other way around. Choose a morning activity that promotes balance. Perhaps a guided meditation on your mobile device and streaming service replaces a morning news broadcast. Perhaps, a single message of love and empowerment is sent on out social media networks each morning. Perhaps, you write morning emails to people you love and admire telling them why they inspire you.

* Magical key – Harnessing personal power means exerting control over what you allow into your body. This includes food, media and technology. Owning your power, balancing it out, gives you the ability to shine your beautiful light across all who cross your path.

And with that, you will change the world.

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